Core Principles

The following are the governing principles of how I have chosen to run my campaign.  I have revised them slightly.

  • Perform the duties of the office with the interests of the constituent placed first and with the heart of a servant.
  • Be a good steward, of both campaign contributions and the tax payers’ resources for none of these funds belong to me.
  • Be transparent even when it is difficult.
  • Be accountable to the constituent.
  • Be positive. The opponent is a human being, not a monster.
  • Knowing we are doing the right thing is our reward.

Hierarchy of Conservative Principles

As a conservative, there are certain principles that guide my decision making in any scenario.  However, from time to time, these principles may seemingly be in conflict.  Therefore it is imperative to have a clearly defined set of principles that are ranked to help resolve these conflicts.

1. The Constitution (State and U.S.)  is my litmus test.  Should any provision of a bill violate the Constitution, I cannot and will not support it.  The Constitution is our rule book.
2. I will strive to increase individual liberty. 
3. Good Government.  This means I will support any measure that makes all levels of government more accountable and transparent to the taxpayers.
4. Smaller Government.  In an effort to make the government as efficient as possible, I will support measures that shrink the size and scope of government.
5. Local Control. If local governments are following the Constitution, are respectful of the liberty of the individual, are being transparent and accountable, and working as efficiently as possible, I support control at the local level.