Why Opposing the T-SPLOST Project List Isn’t Enough

Recently, there have been a lot of incumbent politicians state that even though they voted for the enabling legislation for T-SPLOST (The Transportation Investment Act or TIA), that they now oppose passage of the T-SPLOST referendum because the project list is bad.  I am glad that they are choosing to vote against what could be the largest tax increase in Georgia history as citizens even if they did not as legislators.

However be careful to listen to what normally comes next; They still support the T-SPLOST process.  What this means is that they would support, again, the largest tax increase in Georgia history if only they could spend the money the right way.  This would mean that if we are in fact able to defeat the T-SPLOST this time around, we will be staring down another project list and the roughly 17% tax increase that comes with it in two years. 

Further, the TIA creates a new regional level of government.  For a small government conservative like me, this is the worst part.  You see, today, I live in the City of Holly Springs, and I have four levels of government that I live under; City, County, State, and Federal.  The TIA creates a fifth, or Regional.  And the kicker is that if they do not spend the $8.5 billion the right way, we have no way of removing these appointed bureaucrats at the ballot box; you will not be able to hold them accountable as a voter by voting them out of office.

My point of view, as a conservative, is that the answer to our transportation issues is not to create this new regional government to deal with a specific issue.  Instead we should be working on ways to make the existing four levels of government work for us more efficiently.  When someone tells you that they still support the regional model, they are making an argument for more government. Therefore, it is simply not enough to be opposed to the T-SPLOST project list as a conservative; you must be opposed to the enabling legislation too.

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