We Passed $10K in Fundraising!


Holly Springs resident and candidate for State House District 21, Scot Turner, has reached a significant fundraising milestone, raising over $10,000 in just over 3 weeks.  The Turner campaign began in earnest on January 23rd, and had set an initial goal of reaching, “$10K by Valentine’s Day.” 

“I am once again humbled by the support my campaign has received from our community since I entered the race,” Turner said.  “There is a ground swell that is reacting to my message of ethics reform, and we are seeing some real momentum.  We are just getting started, and while we will enjoy meeting this goal today, we will pick up and keep moving forward tomorrow.”

      The feat has been made more remarkable by self-imposed restrictions placed on funding sources.  Turner only accepts contributions from Georgia Residents and Georgian owned businesses, and has made a conscious decision to exclude donors that are lobbyists, Political Action Committees (PACS), or that are from out of state.  “I fully understand this places me at a huge disadvantage compared to my opponent who is not operating under the same guidelines.  This is a choice I have made to run my own campaign by a higher standard of personal accountability, and it’s just the right thing to do.”

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