Thoughts on the CCRP HD21 Debate

I am so humbled by the feedback I received following the debate. By the
time I left, I was able to speak with a great number of the attendees of
the debate, and everyone with whom I spoke indicated to me that they
believed the debate was a win for my campaign. From the bottom of
my heart, thank you.

Over the last few months, Cherokee County has not seen the possibility
of working together toward our common benefit, in large part because of the
polarizing effect of one-sided and exclusive rhetoric. It is my hope that now my
neighbors, fellow constituents, and fellow residents of Cherokee County who
attended last night’s debate can see that we, as conservatives, can lean on
our Party platform can unite us in ways we’d forgotten.

And that’s what I’ve been saying all along. When I began in January,
certain members of our Legislative delegation were content to leave our
community polarized on the issues. I am unwilling to do that to my
neighbors. As a result of a great deal of hard work and hard conversations,
we’ve built bridges between assumedly opposing perspectives, rediscovering
that supporting the wonderful and hard work of our teachers in the CCSD
does not preclude supporting the CCA, their fantastic work, and the
admirable efforts of everyone involved in other methods of educating our

And that’s just one circumstance in one issue that has been positively
impacted by our Community working together and engaging in
dialogue on what’s important. That’s what I want.

Certain political players have changed their perspective on the T-SPLOST,
and I will continue to push for an opt-out clause from the TIA for Counties
which vote it down in July. As your Representative, I will fight for local
control and accountability from the Gold Dome. As your Representative, I
will absolutely oppose the harmful and unconstitutional idea of regional
governing bodies within our state that have no elected accountability to
the citizens of Georgia.

In all, I am humbled that my neighbors, fellow constituents, and fellow
residents of Cherokee County called last night a win for the campaign.
Respectfully, I think it was a profound win for our Community.

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