Repeal the T-SPLOST Penalty

Contact: Scot Turner
Phone: 678 576 2644
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Web: turnerforhouse.com
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Republican Candidate for State House District 21, Scot Turner, is calling for the elimination of the penalty clause built into the Transportation Improvement Act (TIA) should the referendum not pass on July 31st.  The way the law is written today, should the 10 county region vote down the T-SPLOST, the state would reduce their matching funds for transportation projects from 30% to 10%.  Turner issued the following statement:

“Punishing voters for not agreeing to tax themselves is simply wrong.  Voters should not be threatened in this manner by our legislature when they walk into the ballot booth on July 31st.  They should be able to vote their conscience without fear of reprisal.  The penalty clause of the TIA is certainly a threat and is yet another example of the poor governance practiced by our current legislature.”

“The process of government is what is important here.  In voting to create the current law, the legislature must have understood what they were doing by building in the penalty.  We can do better.  Current members of the legislature may be trying to distance themselves from the new tax and its built in penalty by opposing the it due to the project list.  But it is the enabling legislation that is the problem.  It is simply a good governance issue.”

“To that end, when elected, I will introduce legislation designed to repeal the penalty and give voters in Georgia the confidence to vote their conscience on the issue.”

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