Reaction to SCOTUS Ruling on ObamaCare

In reaction to the Supreme Court Ruling today on the Constitutionality of Obamacare, Republican for State House District 21 Candidate, Scot Turner, issued the following statement.

“I was stunned when I heard then news that the Supreme Court of the United States had upheld Obamacare.  There can be no doubt that under the logic offered in the majority opinion that this ruling is in error and greatly oversteps our founders’ vision for a constitutionally limited government.  The question that has to be asked now is; what are the limits on governmental authority?”

“It has never been clearer than it is today that we need legislators that will use the Constitution as it was intended as our litmus test for every piece of proposed legislation.  The legislator needs to be our first line of defense to protect our essential liberties.  If any piece of a bill would be deemed unconstitutional, we need for our legislators to vote that legislation down.  Otherwise, the encroachment of government, as evidenced in today’s ruling, will continue.  We cannot rely on the courts to strike down bad laws that stretch the power of government, we must elect strict constitutionalists.”

“If initial reports are accurate, and Obamacare has been ruled a tax, then it is surely to be among the largest tax increases in American History in terms of dollars collected. Also, the President’s promises of not raising taxes on anyone making over $250K per year have flown out the proverbial window, as every man, woman, and child will now be taxed.  The need for repeal is immediate and vital to our republic.”

“In the meantime, the Georgia Legislature must make every effort to fight for liberty and against the implementation of this over reaching intrusion into our lives.  When elected, I will fight against this and any measure that expands governmental authority at the price of liberty.”

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