Lobbyist Expenditures Are Not Transparent

The front page of the Sunday AJC featured an article that produced yet another example of Mack Truck sized loopholes that allow gift giving to occur to legislators without any form of disclosure.

One of the arguments coming out of The House against changing any of the current ethics laws is that the law requires transparency; that the people can hold the elected official accountable because the information is out there on what the value is of gifts given to legislators by lobbyists.  Using the “Wild Hog” BBQ dinner as an example, the AJC was able to show how a large portion of the dinner was never reported in an expenditure.  It turns out the loophole that allows this is so large that someone could lobby less than 10% of their time and then give a huge gift to a legislator and never have to report it.  No one knows how often this happens, so speculation could run rampant on how large a gift like this might be. 

Check out the article here: AJC Yes I know it is long, but you will get a better understanding of why we need to change the system after reading it.

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